Recruitment solution for Johannesburg Water

Human Resource Management Solution (HRMS).

Bulk recruitment drive for general workers

Johannesburg Water, in their quest to expand their workforce, enlisted the services of Oresol to create a USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) solution. This innovative platform was designed to facilitate a massive recruitment drive, aiming to attract One Million, Seven Hundred and Fifty (1.75 million) applicants.

Oresol's expertise was instrumental in developing a system that not only streamlined the application process but also provided a comprehensive dashboard view, offering insights into the demographics of the applicants. The analytics provided by the dashboard included gender parity, ethnicity, disability, mobile network access, education level, and work experience.

Oresol's solution proved to be a resounding success, capable of handling over 21 million hits and ultimately resulting in over 400 000 successfully submitted applicants.